CBD Oil for Cats: All You Need to Know

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With all of the stresses imposed on our cats throughout the day – from moving homes to new visitors to unsettling weather and beyond – it’s important to have reliable ways of calming them down and providing peace. CBD oil for cats is an incredibly effective way of accomplishing this, and with the proper dosage, you can create wonderful anxiety relief without risking lethargic behaviour.

In this article, we’re going to explore the types of CBD cat oils available, their impact, recommended dosage, method of consumption, and more!

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

CBD (cannabinoid) oil is certainly safe for cat consumption. It’s important to understand the difference between CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Marijuana contains high levels of THC with minimal levels of CBD, while hemp provides a rich source of CBD with almost no THC compound. While THC can be quite toxic to pets, CBD has been safely tested to provide a state of relaxation without offering the psychoactive high.

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Can CBD Oil Help Cats with Anxiety?

Yes, CBD oil can help a tremendous amount for dealing with cat anxiety. The natural calming effect caused by CBD oil will allow their heart rate to slow and anxiety levels to reduce, providing a calm state for as long as the dosage remains in their system.

How Much CBD Should You Give Your Cat for Anxiety?

The CBD dosage recommended for a cat depends on a few factors, including weight, age, and activity level. The industry standard for dosage sizing is 1-5mg, but each cat will react differently to different levels of CBD. The best way to gauge which amount is best for your pet is to start at the low-end of the range and monitor behaviour over the proceeding hours. The key is to relax your cat without putting them into a lethargic state.

Will CBD Oil Make Your Cat High?

No, CBD oil will not make your cat high. As mentioned above, it is the THC property of marijuana that will cause a psychoactive effect in pets. Not only that, but THC is also quite toxic to their system, and can lead to an array of other issues. CBD for cats, on the other hand, will simply act as a relaxant tool and provide anxiety and pain relief.

How Do You Choose the Best CBD Oil for Cats?

Although industry packaging and marketing make it difficult to determine the proper CBD oil for cats, there are a few simple items to keep top of mind. First, ensure that the product clearly states the amount of CBD contained, and ensure that it has no trace of THC. Second, ensure that the CBD oil for cat anxiety is free of heavy metals and pesticides, which may be harmful to your pet. Finally, if you want to dive deeper into the ingredient specifics, each manufacturer should have lab test results available online for review.

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What’s the Best Way to Give a Cat CBD?

You’ll want to make sure that you don’t cause any undue strain on your cat during the dosage process! Although there are several options available, the most popular way to administer CBD for cats is to use bottled oil and a measured dropper. If your cat is having a difficult time with the oil taste or texture, you can purchase a flavourless CBD oil isolate and add it to food or a daily treat.

Can I Give My Cat CBD Along with Other Medications?

You should check with your veterinarian prior to mixing any medications. Although CBD is a wonderful, natural anxiety and pain reliever, it’s important to understand the implications of medication mixing and determine whether or not your vet advises it.

Will CBD Oil Make My Cat Sleepy?

With the right dosage amount, CBD will not make your cat sleepy. When properly medicated with CBD, your cat should be calm and relaxed. If they reach a state of lethargy, in which they are visibly handicapped or tired beyond reasonable means, you should lower the dosage amount for the next usage round.

Does CBD Oil Help Arthritis in Cats?

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CBD helps with reducing anxiety, stress, and acute pain. For cats with arthritis, CBD oil will assist in numbing pain receptors and allow them to move without the nagging stiffness caused by their arthritis. Although not a permanent solution, CBD oil will offer your cat comfort and the ability to live relatively pain-free between doses.

It’s our job to ensure the pets we love remain happy and healthy. To learn more about the 100% natural CBD oil products available to your cat, or to ask questions about ingredients, dosages, or more, contact our team today!

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