Can CBD Oil Reduce Blood Pressure

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Cannabinoid oil, otherwise known as CBD oil, offers a wide range of health benefits. Topping the benefits list are pain and anxiety reduction, but it extends far beyond just that, and when used in the right way, it can produce tremendous benefits to a wide array of individual issues.

Commonly referred to as a cure-all for most individual aches and ailments, CBD oil has gotten a reputation for providing bodily relief to much of the standard pains of aging. You may then be wondering: what about CBD for high blood pressure? In this article, we’re going to explore the relationship between cbd and blood pressure, whether or not it can be an effective reduction tool, and what you need to know prior to beginning use.

CBD and Hypertension

Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, is an ailment that causes blood to pump through an individual’s veins at a force greater than what the body can sustain over time, often leading to a damaging of the blood vessel walls, veins, and arteries. Blood pressure can be naturally lowered over time with reduced stress, lowered salt intake, and minimal alcohol and tobacco consumption. In addition to those, regular exercise and healthy eating – including fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients – can help to keep blood pressure manageable.

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Although not directly linked, there are a series of benefits associated with CBD usage that may have a positive impact on reducing blood pressure over time, including:

  • Anti-Anxiety
    Increased anxiety will often lead to a speeding up of your heart rate and palpitations, increasing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Following multiple studies, it’s been well documented that CBD oil can help with reducing anxiety, and as a by-product assist in reducing the likelihood of high blood pressure.
  • Reduces Inflammation
    Although it’s commonly believed that inflammation only occurs in joints, recent research has shown that it can also occur in both the heart and blood vessels leading to the brain. Thankfully, CBD oil acts as an inflammation reducer, lowering systemic pressure and allowing blood to flow freely through your heart, arteries, veins, and more.
  • Analgesic Properties
    Studies have shown that acute pain can lead to high blood pressure in individuals. CBD oil works to alleviate strain on the pain receptors in the brain, reducing the amount of pain felt for a variety of ailments. This pain reduction can then lead to decreased blood pressure over time.
  • CBD Improves Sleep
    The reduction in stress and anxiety that CBD offers will also often lead to an improvement in sleep quality. Better sleep will be an incredibly important factor when it comes to reducing blood pressure over time and maintaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
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Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

The unfortunate reality of high blood pressure is that it can be caused by a myriad of reasons, but can CBD lower blood pressure? What’s certain is that it can be an incredibly effective way of reducing blood pressure caused by stress, anxiety, and pain. When emotional stress, anxiety, or pain are high, our body’s natural response is to release cortisol. Over time, increased levels of cortisol will cause high blood pressure. CBD oil works to lower stresses, and as a by-product reduce cortisol production, allowing for more blood to flow through the body and pressures to remain low.

What Does the Research Say?

When it comes to scientific research, the evidence of CBD benefits on blood pressure reduction are quite clear. A 2017 study published to the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that a single dose of 600 mg of CBD oil had a meaningful impact on blood pressure reduction. The patients were given a series of stress tests aimed to increase anxiety and heart rates, and those with CBD in their system (as compared to those who took a placebo alternative) saw dramatically lower increases.

Although the sample sizes of these studies are small, the evidence suggests that CBD oil can have a meaningful impact on the reduction of stress, anxiety, pain, and the increased blood pressure that often accompany them.

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Can You Take CBD Oil While on Blood Pressure Medication?

As with any two medications, combination will often disrupt the way each interacts with an individual’s body, and can often lead to unexpected, and sometimes undesired, outcomes. When CBD oil enters the bloodstream, it attaches itself to enzymes that help to stabilize the status and wellness of one’s body. The primary enzymes impacted are those in the liver – the exact organ that is most affected by high blood pressure medication.

The ability to mix CBD oil and high blood pressure medication depends almost entirely on the dosage size. Small CBD doses, such as 5mg per day (or less), are unlikely to interfere with the body’s handling of blood pressure medication. Higher doses, however, will affect the enzymes of the Liver, and often prevent blood pressure medication from taking full effect.

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What’s the Best CBD Dosage for High Blood Pressure?

The right CBD dosage for high blood pressure will depend heavily on individual factors, including height, weight, metabolism, sex, and medical history. Most CBD oils come in dropperful packaging that allows for 1ml doses of 10mg/ml. Effective therapeutic doses often range between 20mg to 300mg, or 2 to 30 dropperfuls.

Although it’s been shown that 300mg is an effective amount for reducing anxiety and acute pain, the best way to determine the dosage requirements for an individual is through safe trials over time. Start small, frequently check your blood pressure, and measure how you feel with each passing dosage amount. There may be instances in which the CBD effects on blood pressure are minimal, but most individuals should eventually find success in a dosage that best fits their needs.

CBD oil is an incredibly versatile tool for healthy living. When it comes to reducing pain, stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, research has shown early success. To learn more about the CBD oil options available to you, or to order some of the highest quality, natural CBD oil products available, contact our team today to learn more!

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