Combining CBD and Alcohol

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Can You Drink Alcohol With CBD

As marijuana use becomes increasingly acceptable and accessible in society, it’s likely that it will become a mainstay of social gatherings and events. Like alcohol, marijuana use can be a wonderful tool for creating a relaxed, easy state, both encouraging enjoyable times and maintained health. CBD, unlike it’s close relative THC, does not result in any psychoactive experiences, allowing for moderate use with minimal side effects.

With that said, you may be wondering if it’s okay to combine moderate amounts of CBD with alcohol, the two most certainly going hand-in-hand in a variety of circumstances. Put simply, the answer to that question is yes. The combination of moderate amounts of cannabis and alcohol will allow for the easing of anxiety and acute pain, putting the body in a truly relaxed state.

In terms of consumption method, there are quite a few approaches available – traditional CBD oil paired with a beverage, CBD-infused beverages, or CBD-cocktails all being wonderful options.

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Benefits of Combining CBD and Alcohol

Beyond the relaxation and soothing benefits that accompany the mixture of CBD and alcohol, there are a series of other incredibly valuable benefits that you should also consider prior to usage:

  • Use CBD for alcohol Hangovers
    After a long night of drinking, there are few things worse than waking up with a pounding headache, uneasy stomach, and the overwhelming sense of hangover anxiety. Due to a combination of elapsed memory and negative feelings in the present moment, it can be quite easy to overwhelm ourselves. This is where CBD can help.
    Hangover anxiety is technically caused by a deficiency in serotonin, a state often produced as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. CBD works to boost serotonin by activating the brainstem receptors that manage it’s flow through the body. In addition to increasing serotonin levels and decreasing the hangover anxiety that accompanies the morning-after, CBD can also be an incredibly effective tool for reducing social anxiety – making both the night of the event and the morning after plenty better.
  • CBD Lessens the Urge for Heavy Drinking
    As a true relaxant, moderate CBD usage in combination with alcohol has been shown to reduce the urge for heavy alcohol consumption. Since both CBD and alcohol lower inhibitions and relax the users mind, it becomes far easier to make balanced decisions, and since CBD doesn’t have any long-lasting effects, you can enjoy the state of bliss that comes alongside combined use without having to deal with the aftermath of a hangover.
  • Is CBD safe for Recovering Alcoholics
    Recovering from an alcohol addiction is no easy feat, and finding helpful tools to prevent relapse can have an incredible impact on long-term success. Although a mindset of abstinence – a shunning of all substance usage – is often taken, it’s becoming more frequent to use CBD as a tool for managing urges while still maintaining health and stability.
    CBD can be helpful for managing the depressive effects of alcoholism recovery, and it’s known for its ability to encourage peaceful, anxiety-free lifestyles and mental well-being.
  • CBD May Help Protect Your Liver
    As an alternative to alcohol, CBD can provide a similar state of relaxation without having a negative long-term impact on your body, and primarily your liver. It’s been well documented that excessive alcohol usage can damage regenerative cells in the liver, limiting functionality and significantly increasing the likelihood of liver failure over one’s lifetime.
    There are tests currently being performed to determine whether or not CBD is capable of regenerating liver tissues. Although the studies have only been performed on mice, the results have been promising, and the long-term effects on this research may have incredibly valuable implications for individuals moving away from alcohol or suffering from liver-related issues.
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CBD is quickly earning a reputation as a healthier, sustainable alternative to alcohol, providing most of the usage benefits associated without carrying nearly as many of the harmful side effects. When considering the combination of CBD oil and alcohol, it’s important to use both substances in moderation. When done correctly, you can create an incredibly tranquil, relaxed state for yourself, helping both your body and mind in the process.

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