Founded in 2015, PureOrganix is a licensor of a proprietary essential oil process. We help existing farms and manufacturers derive essential oil products that are both natural and healthy. Whenever you see a product with the PureOrganix name attached to it, you can be sure that it is of the highest quality. We only put our name on products that are sourced from local high quality farmers and developed with partners that we know and trust.

We strive to help support the community – and along the way create meaningful relationships with those around us.

We are around only because we believe it is important to create products where passion and purpose come together and where we can bring value and pure satisfaction to our customers.

If you’d like to learn about our licensing process or would like to learn more about our proprietary procedures please contact us.

Our Dogma


We believe in innovation. Whenever we can harness new technology or process we strive to do so


We believe in creating the best product, and causing no unnecessary harm


Never cut corners. If you wouldn’t give it to your mother then don’t give it to your customer


We believe that great products don’t have to be expensive

30,000 Monthly Visits
Unlimited Data Transfer
5GB Storage
90,000 Monthly Visits
Unlimited Data Transfer
10GB Storage