Extract. Redefined.
We Started with the Basics
You can’t beat nature

Pure and Organic with no additives or solvents, our product is food grade. Because sometimes you just can’t improve on mother nature.

Consistency is Key

Our products are batch tested and made in facilities that follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We’ve also created processes to match FDA guidelines for Active Pharmaceuticals Products (API).

Quality in. Quality out

We believe that what you put in is what you get out. Our product starts with single source ingredients from the farm directly to the lab, so we can control everything from beginning to end.

... and Added our own Touch

Custom Airflow cartridges ensure that you get the smoothest pulls every single time

We build our Cartridges from Pyrex glass and aircraft grade laser-cut aluminum for leak free use

Dual Coil Titanium heating elements allow for quicker and more even vaporization of our oil

Even the “pen” has changed

30 watts, 3 power settings, and 400% more battery than competitor products. So you can vape for as long as your heart desires

Aluminium body with a custom contoured shape to fit your hand perfectly

Universal Micro-USB charge port so you can power back up anytime you need

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